What Is Stigma?

cátedra contra el estigma


Goffman defines stigma as “a situation of the disabled individual for full social acceptance”, that is, it turns someone into someone different with negative connotations, produces discredit associated with a failure or a disadvantage.


“Stigma is a very complex idea. I think it is important to understand the stigma to mental illness is in the same category as racism, sexism, agism and so the kind of prejudices and discriminations that we know the people of color experiences is an injustice that applies to people with mental illness too”. Patrick Corrigan, Illionis Institute of Technology. Complete interview to  Patrick Corrigan here.

“Stigma a large concept that includes linking negative stereotypes to a label, the behaviors that are receptive to a person who has that label, and how that person reflexes those stereotypes upon oneself as well. So it has attitudinal component, behaviors of other and also the self component in terms of how someone views himself” Philip Yanos, City University of New York. Complete interview to Philip Yanos here



“People who has mental health challenges, one of the biggest challenging is overcoming stigma that is inside of them. So they end holding themselves back from striving for things that are important for them, and that the want in their life, and that is the real tragedy that increases suffering on top the symptoms of the mental illness itself, which are already hard enough.” Jennifer Boyd, University of California, San Diego. Complete interview  to Jennifer Boyd here