Impact of the Negative Stereotypes in Elderly

Sociedad de psicogeriatría contra el estigma

Barranquero, R., & Ausín, B.

Impact of negative stereotypes about elderly on the mental and physical health of older people

Ageism refers to the systematic and discriminatory stereotyping of people merely for being older. Since ageism can be a primary stress factor contributing to the deterioration of older people’s health and wellbeing, it is interesting to see what studies have shown about the impact of negative stereotypes of elderly on older people’s health. The results of 13 studies published between January 2010 and March 2018 on the relationship between ageism and the mental and physical health of older people are reviewed. In older people, the more age-related self-stigma or internalized age-related stigma, the greater the psychological symptoms, the greater the levels of disability, the lower the levels of subjective psychological well-being and the greater the likelihood of death. These findings alert to the need for social policies to fight discrimination against people on the basis of age, which would combat the negative stereotypes associated with old age.

Barranquero, R., & Ausín, B. (2019). Impacto de los estereotipos negativos sobre la vejez en la salud mental y física de las personas mayores. Psicogeriatría, 9(1), 41-47. Artículo PDF

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