The Fight against Stigma


Muñoz, M., Guillén, A. I., & Pérez-Santos, E.

The fight against stigma of mental illness: Reasons for hope

People with mental illness often experience stigmatization processes that adversely affect their wellbeing, recovery and social integration. In recent years there have been significant advances in the fight against stigma and currently there are efficacious interventions in the different groups of people involved and at different levels, which is an encouraging fact. This article reviews the different interventions to reduce the stigma of mental illness according to the key group (people with mental illness; families; mental health professionals; general population and target groups; mass media; combined actions aimed at different groups) and present the available evidence on the efficacy of these interventions.

Muñoz, M., Guillén, A. I., & Pérez-Santos, E. (2013). La lucha contra el estigma de la enfermedad mental: Razones para la esperanza. Rehabilitación Psicosocial, 10(2), 10-19. ISSN 2340-2733

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