Chair Against Stigma

The company of social and socio-sanitary services management, Grupo 5, and the Complutense University of Madrid promote the creation of the extraordinary Chair “Against Stigma”, with the main goal to fight against the social stigma that affects people with mental illness, disability, vulnerability or extreme social exclusion. The object of the Chair is to collaborate in the elimination of social stigma through research studies, education programs, cultural activities and sensitization campaigns. 

As Manuel Muñoz, director of the Chair, said: “We are convinced the new chair Against Stigma comes to contribute its grain of sand to the social inclusion of every person in a more decent society that, in order to be a reality, has to implicate the entire society.


The extraordinary Chair UCM-Grupo 5 Against Stigma has the main goal of becoming a research, communication and scientific knowledge diffusion platform, which enable the improvement of the fight against stigma in our society. To this end, the following specific objectives are set:

  1. Promote research against stigma. To develop lines of research about stigma in different groups in social vulnerability context, which show the situation regarding stigma and the most efficient actions to fight against it.
  2. Boost specific education about stigma. Proposing educative actions within the UCM and the internal education plan of Grupo 5.
  3. Spread and facilitate the transference of knowledge to society. Promoting society’s change of focus towards people in vulnerability situation and creating sensitization campaigns and fighting against stigma. The Chair will create a knowledge and exchange space with Latin-American vocation, to exchange knowledge and experiences in the fight against stigma in different countries.
  4. Cultural and environmental strategies will be employed to fight for social inclusion and against stigma. Using cultural and environmental tools that enable a positive change for people in vulnerability situation.
  5. The Chair will be open to any other activity related to stigma that enable the exchange of knowledge and experiences in our society.